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The Deck is a London based, tailoring house

exclusively for women.


Sitting between the contemporary and the classic, The Deck provides today’s women with an unparalleled experience of craftsmanship, quality and fit, whilst embracing modern femininity. 

The experience begins with discussing, identifying and understanding our clients’ needs before crafting a unique made-to-measure garment based on your choice of cloth, lining, detailing and monogramming. The only limitation is your imagination. 

Our ethos lies in the belief that no two women are the same and our made-to-measure offering embraces that, providing uniquely tailored pieces created over two fittings. Each suit tells a unique story, written by each of the women that wear one.  

As an antidote to today’s disposable and fast fashion culture, The Deck offers an alternative: an investment piece. With sustainability at our core, we work closely with highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, helping to keep long traditions, techniques and cultures alive.

By stepping into the world of The Deck, you will experience a private and personalised service in store or in the comfort of your home.

It’s time to change up The Deck.

The women of The Deck are powerful,
empowered and fearless leaders. 

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About the Founder


The Deck was founded by Daisy Knatchbull, a woman whose experience on Savile Row, led her to feel the empowering nature of a tailored suit from a young age. The Rake quoted Daisy as ‘a woman creating ripples in an industry dominated by men’.  

She first realised the unfulfilled demand for women's suiting when she became the first woman to break down barriers at Royal Ascot when she wore a bespoke morning suit and top hat in 2016. Alongside equality for women in the workplace, the zeitgeist of female empowerment and a growing interest in hyper personalisation and power dressing, Daisy decided to launch The Deck. 




Sustainability and mindful purchasing is an intrinsic part of The Deck philosophy. We value the considered, not the impulse purchase. By producing only on a made-to-measure basis, each piece is made just for you, only when you decide you need it. With no inventory or bulk order fabrics, we are able to eliminate waste from our business, counteracting the devastating scale of overproduction that is currently going on in the fashion industry, the majority of which often ends up in landfill.

We work with highly skilled artisans and craftsmen, helping to keep long traditions, techniques and cultures alive. Alongside this, we are committed to using responsible materials such as wool, linen, and organic cotton, which are all naturally biodegradable.

As investment pieces that are multi-seasonal, durable and versatile, we are confident that The Deck suits will stand the test of time in your wardrobe, and we hope that they will be passed down generations to come. A small, versatile and considered wardrobe can be mighty - particularly for the planet.

Today, a brand is not only about the product and the experience — but the ethos and belief system that underpins that.